Call Recording

Call recording can be one of the most important features for businesses of a telephone system. For businesses that are regualted or are legally need to record calls, the benefits are clear, but even businesses that don’t need to record calls can benefit in so many ways.

Business Call Recording Software

Call recording is a feature that many businesses do not utilise.

Below are the main benefits of call recording for you business:

  • Dispute Resolution
  • Order Confirmation
  • Monitoring
  • Training
  • Abiding certain rules and regulations

FCA & PCI DSS Compliant Call Recording

All of our call recording software is FCA and PCI DSS compliant, which means that your business can have the peace of mind knowing that your calls are recorded according to the very latest regulations.

As part the FSA rules and regulations, business in the finance sector have to record their mobile, as well as their fixed line calls. With our solution the recording of such calls is possible with the same standard of those calls that are recorded on a PBX. All of which is accessible via an online portal.

Recent PCI rules involve card payment transactions. In particular the recording of the three digit CV2 number that is found on the back of most cards. The regulations now stipulate that organisations that do take card payments over the phone and also record calls must make ‘best endevours’ to ensure the three digit security code is not recorded. Most other call recording solutions involve not recording payment calls at all. But with our business call recording software users have the ability to pause recording at any time, then start recording again after the code has been taken. This ensures the rest of the call is recorded and only the sensitive information is not.

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