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Customers of Your Telecom benefit from our highly competitive business phone line and call packages for both ISDN and PSTN lines, with optional DDI (direct dial) services.

Unbeatable Business Phone Line and Call Bundles – ISDN, PSTN and DDI

One of the most compelling reasons companies even considers changing their business phone line provider is because that they feel they are paying over the odds for such services. Time and time again we come across businesses that are on ISDN or PSTN tariffs that are out of date and most of the time the customer is pinned down to a lengthy contract which prevents them from leaving when they want to. Business that work with Your Telecom mate the most of an annual review on their line and call package so that they are always paying the industry standard and very latest prices.

Business ISDN Lines and DDI Rentals

ISDN is a digital business line that allows for multiple channels. If your business needs more than one concurrent call on your office number, then ISDN will more than likely be a viable option for you. You can also bolt on DDI rentals to ISDN lines so that users can have their own direct dial telephone number. There are two flavours of digital business phone lines, ISDN2 which can have from 2-8 channels activated and ISDN30 which can have 8-30 channels per circuit. DDI rentals can be supplied in mutliples of 10. ISDN lines would generally connect into an on site digital PBX.

Business PSTN (Analogue) Lines

PSTN is an analogue phone line. There are multi-lines available allowing up to 3 channels, but generally a PSTN line would be a single line that would be used by a small business as a main number, as a fax line, or in some cases simply to host your broadband. PSTN lines can also connect to an on site telephone systems, but a lot of the time they would connect to a single analogue phone or fax machine. It’s not possible to add on DDI services to PSTN lines.

For information on non-geographic DDI or main numbers for your business, see our non-geo page.

ISDN, PSTN and DDI Price Match Guarantee

We are so confident that our line and call tariffs are highly competitive, we offer a price match guarantee. To see how much money your business could save on ISDN, PSTN or DDI rentals, then call us now or email and we’ll find a business phone line and call package that is perfect for your business!


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