Virtual Data Centre

Your Telecom’s Virtual Data Centre (VDC) solution is an enterprise class, fully scalable, virtual, private, networked infrastructure that provides server storage and resources via an online portal.

Why Use a Virtual Data Centre Service?

Server visualisation can come with a number of benefits to any business. For a start you Virtual Data Centreno longer need to worry about infrastructure costs or upgrades. Any business that has had to replace a server knows how expensive and time consuming that can be. Well with VDC that would no longer be an issue. With VDC you are able to provision a server with just a moments notice. So not only do you not have to purchase hardware, you no longer have to wait for it to arrive, be provisioned, installed etc. All of this becomes very easy with a virtual server environment.

Up time and disaster recovery are two other areas that can be significantly improved with VDC services as well as improvements to data centre security, depending on where your current servers are being housed of course.

Why Your Telecom Virtual Data Centre?

Your Telecom’s Virtual Data Centre service is an enterprise class virtual server solution that runs on enterprise level hardware and visualisation software. The service can be taken on in tier 3 UK data centre that are geographically diverse. The service is accessible via an online portal and management software that monitors the servers resources such as memory, CPU and disk space etc. is also variable.


Virtual Data Centre Services | Specifications and Technical Information

Microsoft Operating System licenses are included with all of our Virtual Data Centre services. We support the following operating systems – Linux – Redhat, Ubuntu, Centos, Windows – 2003 sp2*, 2008 r1&2, 2012. The hardware that is used is based on a HP Cloud Matrix Architeture. It has EMC VNX Storage, VMware 5.1 Hypervisor. It also has a market leading orchestration portal as well as an automated billing platform included.

See our Colocation page for a Virtual Data Centre alternative.

If you are interested in Virtual Data Centre services for you business then call us now, or email for more information.


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