SIP Trunking

Sip Trunking is generally used as an alternative to traditional lines such as PSTN or ISDN, although in some instances SIP can be an ideal solution in conjunction with traditional lines for increased architectural resilience. A SIP Trunk delivers voice over IP, which can come with a number of benefits in itself. But like VoIP or any Cloud-based solution, it is imperative to have stable, resilient connectivity that has adequate bandwidth to support the service, before considered a viable option.

What do I need to use SIP Trunking?

A SIP enabled PBX Telephone System would generally be required in order to use SIP Trunking, or a converter of some sort. Due to the increasingly popularity of SIP as a respective protocol within the industry, almost all of the modern day systems come SIP compatible as standard, whereas some of the older systems may require a SIP Card to be installed to make this possible. For systems that are not SIP compatible, a converter can usually be used, providing it is cost effective to do so.

Because SIP is delivered over an internet connection, your voice channels are no longer location based. This means that moving lines between locations bevomes very easy. It also means that you can link sites much easier to allow for numbers to be delivered to multiple locations. It also means that installation times are reduced significantly compared to say an ISDN. It’s a much more flexible solution than copper based services on the whole. It is also incredibly cheaper.

SIP Trunking can reduce channel line costs by up to 90%! Call costs over IP can also slash by up to 80%. If you have reliable connectivity and haven’t considered either switching to using SIP for your voice or possibly even implementing it as a failover to your ISDN or PSTN lines, then it’s about time you discussed what it could mean for your business. Not to mention the highly significant cost savings it will lead do.

The Main Benefits of using SIP Trunking:

  • Channel Cost is Reduced SIGNIFICANTLY
  • Call Costs Reduced SIGNIFICANTLY
  • Installation Times Reduced
  • Increased Flexibility
  • Possibility of Out of Area Geographical Numbers

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