Server Replication

Organisations that have business critical servers and databases would of considered server replication in one way shape or form at the very least. A lot of businesses for instance seek server replication software to build a backup solution that ideally is housed in a separate location to the main server which can of course be very costly to achieve. Not to mention the cost of hardware itself that in reality may never actually be used. Which is old hardware that had come to end of life. Both of which defeat the purpose of server replication for disaster recovery.

Your Telecom’s Server Replication

It’s true that server replication that is built and managed in house can not only be costly to implement but also very time complex to setup. With Your Telecom’s server replication services we handle everything. Allowing businesses to implement a live server backup solution that is not only geographically diverse from the main location, but can be instantly accessed in the event of hardware or even connectivity failure by any site in the group.



For file replication software see our online backup solution.