EFM, or Ethernet in the First Mile is a more cost effective leased line alternative offering speeds up to 20Mb, which is symmetrical and comes with no contention at all.

What is EFM?

The main difference with EFM to a Fibre Leased Line is that is uses copper pairs as an access mechanism, as opposed to dedicated fibre. EFM uses a number of copper pairs to be able to supply the required speeds which also helps from a redundancy perspective. So if one pair failed for instance, you would will have internet, albeit at lower speeds until the faulty pair was fixed. The fact the service is implemented on copper pairs that are already in place, generally means a much faster lead time for installations than that of a leased line.

Why Choose EFM for Your Business?

EFM is a great alternative for business that have outgrown an ADSL, or for business that cannot afford to be without internet, but cannot quite justify the cost of a¬†dedicated fibre leased line. EFM’s are now available in over 80% of the UK. The speeds are dependent, like ADSL to the distance away from the exchange. But they are great service to bridge the gap between ADSL and a leased line, which in fairness are oceans apart in terms of SLA’s, speeds and service.

The Main Benefits of EFM:

  • Symmetrical Connectivity
  • 1Mb-20Mb Speeds
  • Comes with Service Level Agreements (SLA)
  • SLA for Fix Times
  • Not Contended
  • Low Cost Ethernet Solution

To find out what EFM services are available to your business, just give us a call or email solutions@your-telecom.co.uk.


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