WAN Solutions

Wide Area Networks or WAN Solutions can be a headache for business to implement due to the potential complexity behind planning and implementation of such serices.

What are WAN Solutions?

WAN Solutions are or instance a head office, which servers and applications that need to be made available to all of the remote sites. A WAN solution that linked all of the sites as one network would allow each location to be integrated as one.

WAN solutions generally involve a leased line or EFM at the larger sites, but can also involved the deployment of ADSL 0r FTTC’s in small remote sites. An example of this would be a retail chain, where an EFM or Leased Line would be overkill for the retail outlets.

If you think your business requires a WAN solution and would like your network infrastructure mapped out, then call us now. Or email enquiries@your-telecom.co.uk.

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