Leased Line

A leased line is an Ethernet based internet service that is delivered entirely on fibre optic strands. From your office directly to the local telephone exchange. It is the only services available to businesses with guaranteed symmetrical connectivity. It is also the only form of connectivity that comes with service level agreements that guarantee short fix times and up time. For businesses that simply cannot afford for their internet to go down, or even businesses with 10+ staff, it would make sense to at least consider an ethernet-based solution as an alternative to your current business connectivity.

Does my business need an Ethernet Leased Line?

It’s very easy to decide whether or not you should be looking into a leased line service for you business. Do you have enough bandwidth with what you currently have? Would your business be ok if you were to lose your connectivity for a day or two or longer? Is broadband in your area unreliable or slow? Do you have more than 10 users in your office? If you answered yes to any of those questions then you really at leased considering an Ethernet leased line for your business. You may be quite surprised at how cost effective they are now in certain areas.

What are the Main Benefits of an Ethernet Fibre Leased Line?

  • Guaranteed Symmetrical Connectivity
  • 1Mb – 10Gb Speeds
  • Guaranteed Fix Times
  • Guaranteed Up Times
  • Private Pipe – Not Contended
  • 100% Fibre Optic
  • Connects to a 100Gb Ethernet Network

We have invested more than 10 years R&D and continuous service innovation to ensure our customers’ mission critical applications and services are served by the fastest and most advance Internet service in the UK.

Layer 2 VPLS Services:

For the more technically minded people, Your Telecom are also able to offer our customers business connectivity at layer 2 on a carrier class 100Gig Ethernet VPLS network. The beauty of a VPLS fibre leased line is that we can hand off your  connectivity at layer 2, before it is converted to IP. In fact we have the technical ability to hand off at layer 2, layer 3 or a combination of the two. Which creates endless possibilities for network structure in itself. But we can also VLAN off sections of that leased line, to run multiple services down one pipe that privately connects to certain end points. An example would be a 20/100Mb service, with 2Mb directly to our SIP gateway for voice, 6Mb directly to our cloud gateway for cloud services and 12Mb of internet. That really would be the best possible way to deliver a solution like that with no chance of certain services effecting others by using up more bandwidth as well as having privately, end to end connections to support whatever service you choose. In some cases even for services we haven’t supplied. You can get all of that functionality for the same price as a standard Ethernet-based fibre leased line.

Leased Line services have significantly lowered in price over the last decade, so much so that sometimes a leased line isn’t that much more than a bonded ADSL solution.

For pricing on a Leased Line or any other Ethernet based solution for your business, then call us now or email and we’d be happy to discuss what options you have.

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